Tuesday, 25 June 2013

They should make lodestones like a reward

They should make lodestones like a reward, maybe like you unlock the Karamja one after finishing the medium tasks. Would be better instead of just spoonfeeding the players.I think you should add one in Daemonheim, that way you don't have to bank the ring of kinship when you want to buy runescape account teleport to a sinkhole.Other than that, this is great! No need to walk to Tirannwn or use those stupid tiny elf crystals. Now the sixth age has shown that Tirannwn is an existing plane. Thank the mages for finding out about lodestones.

Making RS easier week by week, gotta love it lol. Guess there's still the good ol' osrs if we want to play the real thing again that was actually more challenging.I'm interested to see what changes this update will bring to the Glory/Clue scroll teleport scrolls though....

They make the game easier? Perhaps  buy runescape gold. But only in good sense this time. Running around is sometimes very frustrating. Runescape's landscape isn't all that interesting after a decade of exploring anyway.

Just wanting to get wherever I want as quickly as possible is the thing nowadays. Besides, I doubt these lodestones will all, if any be in same locations as some other possible teleports, like the elf crystals mentioned.

I am very excited about the 6th age beginning next week, or did I misshear that part?

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