Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Miss Lich King 2010

I'm offended by this picture and the comments... How many people died to get to the point where Arthas wasn't the lich king anymore, and we are cracking jokes? Countless raids were wiped off the face of the World... of Warcraft, and you all make jokes. You sicken me.

U know guys...there are ppl(includin me) who LIKES the story of Warcraft and the Story of Arthas and thats why "WE" play WoW and dont like cheap wow gold the dumb jokes what made out of it....and there are ppl who only play tis game cuz its popular and like to buy wow accounts to make jokes of it(i feel sry for thoos ppl),and yeah its a game so WHAT? if ppl takin it seriously?....and just sayin i playin a FFB mage..

My friend and I were talking earlier about how the Helm of Domination should have gotten thrown off the top of Icecrown, but we came to the conclusion that the next Lich King would have been a Murloc, and Azeroth would be reborn in his image.

Okay people, that's not Varian, that's Tirion. He was going to become the Lich King after Arthas was killed, when the ghost of Terenas told him, "there must always be a Lich King." Instead, Bolvar decided to take the burden, since his life was basically ruined anyway.

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