Friday, 28 June 2013

My friends Diablo3 account was hacked

 My friends Diablo3 account was hacked I let him know he got it back two weeks ago and then today he messages me telling me his account was banned. Do they not have notes on record that he has got his account back from being hacked?

Get fsdfsd and his friends and ban them all diablo 3 gold!!! Every time I log on I have at least 2-3 of them on the friend request.reminds me of my good old trusty pindle bot that yield me my first legit windforce and grandfather.

This is why pc players r so butt hurt that pc games r coming to ps3 & ps4 & why is that cause they wont b able to use hacks & mods i mean really have some respect for the game u claim to b fans of a real gamer
Diablo 3 items for sale would never use mods & hacks those r for ppl with no skill in the game & have to rely on cheap tricks heck I wouldnt b suprised if the majority of mmo's came to ps4 cause we console gamers actually have some decentcy & respect for both the game & the developers that work so hard for us their fans.Kill monster , pick up item , equip item "if good " just to kill more monsters over and over ... ehh no thanks got boring after 2 months , tried to login other day and says my login is invalid ... done with it for now.

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