Thursday, 6 June 2013

current GM

Just thinking this through as current GM of our guild that raids normals...

Friday evening, 11 sign ups, two choices - take everyone (lower difficulty, lower ilvl) OR take 10 (higher difficulty, higher ilvl).

With only two raid nights of 2 hours per week we can't do both flex and normals and expect to make progress. So do we run flexes to gear up, then start leaving people out to do normals? Or do we mix it up - wait and see what sign ups we have and do flexes if too many?

How do the more progression-minded of us feel about getting lower ilvl and reduced difficulty as a trade off for not having to leave people out? If we go normal, how do the ones left out feel, knowing that we could have gone flex and taken them along?

How do we feel about our guild that raided heroic in ICC and DS, now still working on normals, in future potentially pushed further 'down' to an even lower flex difficulty?

If flex was same ilvl and difficulty as normal then a big YAY! from me; at the moment it's not a Boo, but more of a Hmm.

I'm not a GM, or a RL, but I would probably go with raiding normal if you're progression minded. After all, that's the goal. And, sure, it sucks to be the eleventh guy, but it makes no sense to get fast wow gold to me to sacrifice the guild's progression for something that can be done besides doing normals. I realise that no one wants to feel compelled to do the 'flex' version (much like people hate feeling compelled to do LFR). But if your guild needs the gear to succeed in normals badly enough, people can always try and pug them in their own time.

I think this is a great idea.  The more I think about it, the more I wonder why this model wasn't used since day 1.  I do have buy wow accounts a question though, and I apologize if I missed the answer somewhere:  Will this increase the number of versions of pieces of gear for the flex raids?  My meaning is, as an example, if I bring 13 people the ilvl for the gear will be 525....if I bring 14 people, the ilvl will be 527.....18 people may be ilvl 532.  Do I have the right idea?

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