Friday, 28 June 2013

My friends Diablo3 account was hacked

 My friends Diablo3 account was hacked I let him know he got it back two weeks ago and then today he messages me telling me his account was banned. Do they not have notes on record that he has got his account back from being hacked?

Get fsdfsd and his friends and ban them all diablo 3 gold!!! Every time I log on I have at least 2-3 of them on the friend request.reminds me of my good old trusty pindle bot that yield me my first legit windforce and grandfather.

This is why pc players r so butt hurt that pc games r coming to ps3 & ps4 & why is that cause they wont b able to use hacks & mods i mean really have some respect for the game u claim to b fans of a real gamer
Diablo 3 items for sale would never use mods & hacks those r for ppl with no skill in the game & have to rely on cheap tricks heck I wouldnt b suprised if the majority of mmo's came to ps4 cause we console gamers actually have some decentcy & respect for both the game & the developers that work so hard for us their fans.Kill monster , pick up item , equip item "if good " just to kill more monsters over and over ... ehh no thanks got boring after 2 months , tried to login other day and says my login is invalid ... done with it for now.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

They should make lodestones like a reward

They should make lodestones like a reward, maybe like you unlock the Karamja one after finishing the medium tasks. Would be better instead of just spoonfeeding the players.I think you should add one in Daemonheim, that way you don't have to bank the ring of kinship when you want to buy runescape account teleport to a sinkhole.Other than that, this is great! No need to walk to Tirannwn or use those stupid tiny elf crystals. Now the sixth age has shown that Tirannwn is an existing plane. Thank the mages for finding out about lodestones.

Making RS easier week by week, gotta love it lol. Guess there's still the good ol' osrs if we want to play the real thing again that was actually more challenging.I'm interested to see what changes this update will bring to the Glory/Clue scroll teleport scrolls though....

They make the game easier? Perhaps  buy runescape gold. But only in good sense this time. Running around is sometimes very frustrating. Runescape's landscape isn't all that interesting after a decade of exploring anyway.

Just wanting to get wherever I want as quickly as possible is the thing nowadays. Besides, I doubt these lodestones will all, if any be in same locations as some other possible teleports, like the elf crystals mentioned.

I am very excited about the 6th age beginning next week, or did I misshear that part?

Monday, 24 June 2013

It goes both ways actually

It goes both ways actually. If you say no explanation, do you go in there without any preparation? What do you think a pvp'er is up to? Tutoring in every game he wants to play for all the pve'ers that are forced by Blizzard to complete their single victory? It enforces the feeling of entitlement as much as going to raid but then expecting to get a run down of every boss because one would not do that before joining.

There are guides on the objectives of both battlegrounds and on basic pvp strategy.

Yes, I know how useless one can feel when you seem to have no option, but pvp is about much more than just standing in one place casting spells and moving when the boss mod yells. It is about all those tricks and spells that are barely used in pve: fear, stuns, interrupts, line of sight.

I don't know what class you are playing, but I have pushed almost all through the honor grind at some point and can offer some safe wow gold insights especially at the lower levels.

I'm usually PvE - story driven, but I have enjoyed PvP in the past. At present, I'm in the "OMG lots 2 do..." phase of faction dailies for shinies some heroics/scenarios with friends and family and dabbling in LFR.

Gearing is fun, as was random BG's for honor and converting to justice for alt heirlooms. I'll probably get back into it.

Main barrier to PvP is eventually burning out on world of warcraft accounts the jerks who, while very skilled in PvP, are unskilled in basic social intelligence. The funsuckers who heal my toon (very grateful for this btw), then try to tear down my ego start to wear me down and question if this is really fun.

Friday, 21 June 2013


The error with the release of this talent is that you get too "sweetened" to cast everything while moving, this mutated the concept of a caster class in warlock player minds: you have to stand quiet while casting or channeling spells, becouse you are a caster. The only problem with the original change was the awful notice to PvE warlocks, but now with this change they have no excuses to QQ now.

No, I don't. But I DO have a caster and I DO KNOW game mechanics, you now can run out a dmg aoe at normal speed while casting. Don't tell me that "OH, but i can't cast soulstone, revive my pet, cast fear, etc, etc", STOP IT, warlocks in previous expansions could do it, they will this time. Casting while standing in both foot is what should happen. You get too used to safe wow gold this, like it was a central warlock ability at it's born and it's a TALENT, a TALENT should be a good improve to your class NOT A "MUST HAVE OR THIS CLASS iS USELESS" and talking about this like they take you off your pets or shomething central and crucial.

Now, every single change was a BUFF, that's what "up from %" means, if you are grammatically challenged. The only possible negative change is "Mastery: Frostburn has been redesigned", which I'm sure is a nerf world of warcraft accounts, but without number crunching we can't tell if FROST ONLY is getting an overall nerf. Now that I've proven that Fire/Arcane definitely have a buff, why don't you crunch numbers and prove to us that Frost received an overall nerf before making wild statements.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


interesting pictuer

That is a ridiculous statement

That is a ridiculous statement. For how long have you played the game? World of Warcraft has not always been so well designed, and in the beginning of the game there was a vast difference in how well different classes earned gold, some classes didn't even have a viable DPS spec. In addition to get fast wow gold that, Blizzard asked for a stupid number of consumables to raid, a large quantity of gold just to ride at maximum speed (100% riding speed was crucial in vanilla BGs) plus insane repair bills on raid progression (40 people dying per wipe = one heck of a gold drain).

Then came TBC where the first tier riding skill was slower than a ground mount (60% flying speed) and you needed to purchase the expensive riding skill to unlock content such as Netherwing daily quests, and without fast speed you couldn't even farm anywhere near the same rate as your clustering competition.

With other words, Blizzard *created* the need to buy gold. There's a reason they suddenly realized riding skill prices needed to go down, the number of consumables went down, repair costs were equalized and no cheap wow accounts content required an expensive gold donation. They learned from their mistakes, but they still invited gold farmers into the game by creating a need for which there was no supply.

As gold has gotten easier to earn, so has the amounts you get for your money increased. Blizzard already sells special mounts in their store so what's the difference between buying a mount from Blizzard or buying gold to purchase a mount like Vial of  the Sands? Because Blizzard says it's "cheating"? Hm?

I don't support buying gold because of the methods gold farmers have resorted to sell gold, like scamming accounts (my nephew's account was hacked). But gold farmers didn't always use such methods, and Blizzard gave gold farmers good reasons to sell gold in the game.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

That's what I meant

Absolutely! That's what I meant. I got attacked when I was fighting two mobs just yesterday in Krasarang, by a Shaman. Who forgot I was a Paladin and could just lay on hands. We were in the area of the forest where there were about 500 stealthed tigers, and I managed to kite him through them as he was doing an AoE. I watched as they killed him. Loved it!

I tried leveling on a PvP realm, and I have mixed feelings about it.  The community seems tighter knit, which I assume comes from having a shared enemy in the other faction and having to rely on one another for support wow accounts for sale.  There is also a certain thrill in having to constantly look around for opposing players.  I also acknowledge that, because of the variety of challenges you'll face, it could make you a better player.

On the other hand, it felt like playing a game in early beta, one that stalls or crashes unexpectedly.  In almost fifty levels, I never once had an honorable fight against a player of similar level; every PvP encounter was a level 70 one-shotting me because why not wowgold.  Then there were the occasions where a 70 was camping my quest hub killing NPC's and players alike, so my options were to travel to the other side of the world and level in another zone, or log out and hope he eventually gets bored.  In a post-Cataclysm world, you have an alternative in the Dungeon Finder, but also buying wow accounts more linear questing so you couldn't just skip to the next quest hub.

Overall, I'll probably try it again someday.  I enjoy battlegrounds and world PvP objectives like Halaa and Venture Bay, so if I ever got to the level cap, I think I'd enjoy the challenge of spontaneous combat.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Not in game, Not happen

I can't stand people who say "Not in game, Not happen" although I would love to have more important scenes happen in game like the sequence with Sylvanas, when the short story or book are of Christe Golden quality, I will tkae that.

Take the scene of Kalecgos becoming the Aspect of Magic. Its in game and cool yes, but reading Golden's version is so much cheap wow gold better it brings a tear to my eye. The way Golden wrote it just would not translate well as a cut scene in my opinion. Also that actual book where a lore figure dies is handled once again so ridiculously well and the heart ache you feel for Alexstraza, not to mmention the brilliant aphiphany Thrall has, all these things were better handled in a book. I also thought Varian's short story was also another example of truly stellar writing, especially having Benidictus' speech juxtaposed to Varian's and this gives you a brilliant insight into Benedictu's mindset, why he sided with Deathwing and what he believed was best.

As Rossi points out even a huge Lore nut like him will skip the beautiful cut scenes and then how many people whined and moaned about Uldum/s cut scenes (totally unwarrented save for the Harrison Jones sequence which was not THAT bad IMO. I have CRAVED cut scenes like fast wow gold those and now blizz may go the opposite direction once again due to the whinny majority....the scenes just needed voice acting at least at the part where the council meet with the king.) just goes to show why blizz would put a lot of stuff outside of game. So many people whine about the important cut scenes there already when you have some fab writing talented that can show some deep insight into a scene then I can understand them  going literary.

Just had to rant on this, I LOVE the books and I love the in game events, both are perfectly valid. Plus I do feel blizz is really getting a handle on balancing all this, Jaina's book will rock and then we also get a PVE Scenario for the battle of Theramore to boot. I hope Scenarios can used to give some much needed love to many bits like blood elf, Draenei and Worgen lore.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

I'm on the fence also

I'm on the fence also.  On the one hand I think it is a great way to get people in on a story line that is likely the root for the next expansion.  Wrathion has major future character written all over him, and people need to get used to seeing him at the same level as a faction leader at the least.

Then the memories of all the grinding I've done to stay current kicks in and my inner nerd throws a hissy fit.  I bypassed everything and went straight to Wrathion when I hit 90.  I put in my 6000 Valor grind.  Got Rep up to sell wow accounts to Exalted before it was required.  Did everything right as I was supposed to, and then suddenly you only need 3000 Valor.  Drops for the quest are happening more often.  Now this.   I can only agree with the sentiment I saw that put into question what makes a legendary. 

I know this will be unpopular, but I wish that if they are going to do this, that they'd have a sort of reward for those who did it before the changes made it easier.  Even if it is just an achievement a la beating Lei Shen before 5.4.  Something that says "Hey, I did it the hard way, stop complaining."  Although in my opinion there would be impacts on the rewards as well.  Sort of like pre-change is the normal and the post where to buy wow accounts is LFR-ized.   That's going to get me flamed so I'm going to stop there and go put on my fire suit.

After this expansion though, no more legendaries for all.  It just seems to be more trouble than it has been worth.

Friday, 14 June 2013

WoW Pandaria Leveling Guide

When it comes to MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games), there are two main character progression designs, which is either by leveling up or by maxing out skills. World of Warcraft have always been about leveling up. This is no different for the latest upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion. With new zones, dungeons and raid content that comes with the WoW MoP expansion, the leveling competition to be the first to hit the new level cap when the gates to Azeroth open onces again, is inevitable.

Mists of Pandaria features a total of six new leveling zones for levels 85 to 90. Level 85 characters can easily jump on the leveling bandwagon to gather in experience points and quickly hit level 86 within the lush Jade Forest. From level 86 through 88, the new suitable leveling zones are none other than the Valley of the Four Winds and the Krasarang Wilds. Then from level 88 through 89, the Kun Lai Summit and finally for the wow gold last two levels from 89 to 90, the Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes are revealed.

Within the Jade Forest leveling zone, gamers would find the Temple of the Jade Serpent, a level 85 to 86 dungeon that features four bosses. Moving onto the next zone, Valley of the Four Winds, Pandaria dwellers would engage in the Stormstout Brewery which is a three-boss dungeon. The area itself is depicted as an open field of green and gold - in other words, an agricultural area with farms, marketplaces, fields and plains. On the other hand, sell wow accounts the Krasarang Wilds, also a level 86 to 88 leveling zone, is found at the southern most parts of Pandaria and is home to the vicious Mogu. The area itself is depicted as more gloomy, dark and dangerous.

The next two leveling zones in the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria expansion are found on the top-most peak of Pandaria mountains and a battle-fueled wall. On the Kun-Lai Summit, gamers would find the beautiful Temple of the Tiger and a good level of remnants of hostility from the mantid's rampage at the Townlong Steppes.

Finally, the last two leveling zones, Dread Wastes and Vale of Eternal Blossoms are depicted as dark, gloomy with evil lingering in the air and as a beautiful area hidden by mountains with an air of mystical power. All in all, it is without doubt that Blizzard would surprise fans with all the new content within each leveling zone and the beauty of Pandaria itself.

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Stromgarde has histoprical resonance with humanity in WoW and its a storylien many Alliance players have looked forward to and argued for. Many Alliance - and next to no Horde. Stromgarde simply holds a strong relevance for the Alliance....and next to none for the Horde, even with Galen. Galen being "king" is meaningless...because the Forsaken have to conquer the city and its people anyway.

1) no we haven't gotten dalaran back. It's still in Northrend and still full of Horde. Just because Blizzard says it's Alliance only in lore doesn't change its placement in the game. I don't want to buy wow accounts be pedantic, but it sucks when Horde gets actual cities, and gets to actually blow up Theramore and Alliance players are told "Just pretend Dalaran is there. Use your imagination!"

2) Horde is invading Oggrimar as well. The Alliance is not one upping you there. We have to grovel to Vol'jin and help serve him dinner and then we get the same raid you do. If you want to call that "even" ...well....whatever. But what stretch of the cheap wow gold imagination is The Alliance coming out ahead in that scenario? So much so that you think we have gotten enough attention to make up for the last 2 horde centric xpacs?

I've played Battlefield Barrens as Alliance and not once did I grovel to Vol'jin over anything. I was told to go and poke around, I poked around, Vol'jin made me an offer with some asshole comments, I told him we'd be quite happy to walk into Orgrimmar over the bodies of the Darkspear and he crumpled.

Whether or not it's in the game yet the Alliance still has Dalaran back, if it's in the next xpac or a future patch it will be an Alliance city.

Friday, 7 June 2013

paladin toolkit

I liked the paladin toolkit better in Wrath, even taking into account how lousy holy could be at group/raid healing. I only play ret now - and only to get to level cap - and I am very bored with doing essentially white damage while I wait for one of my offensive abilities or spells to come off CD. I want my auras back, dangit! And Divine Intervention, because I feel that was an iconic ability for a warrior of the Light.

I wish I didn't have so much to manage on my hunter, but I'm afraid to say anything because I don't want to chance cheap wow gold losing iconic abilities.

I still scratch my head at Blizzard folding Blast Wave (instant cast aoe damage + slow) into Flamestrike. I really miss it. Also, the cinematic trailer for Burning Crusade is now slightly less accurate. I remember my brother cackling in glee as he watched the Forsaken mage wipe out a bunch of approaching murlocs. Also, Amplify Magic and Dampen Magic - give them back, Blizzard. So what if buy wow accounts they weren't useful in raiding? Dampen Magic saved my rear many times while I leveled in vanilla and BC. Amplify Magic = trollface.jpg

I haven't much touched shaman, warlock, or warrior so I can't speak to those classes.

DKs are kind of a separate issue because I am still very unhappy with Blizzard destroying my dual-wielding frost tank and blood dps specs. And they keep re-working what abilities do and how they work. ><

Druid I felt was ok, and that was before Blizzard separated bear and kitty. Same with priest.

I do okay with buttons on my rogue but I miss my old poisons. At least we got a glyph that gave us Swirly Ball back (slight language warning for the YT vid).

My fistweaver's buttons are kind of annoying, but I think I can solve that with tweaking my keybinds.

All in all, I'm somewhat dissatisfied with the button removals that Blizzard has done since Cataclysm and particularly in MoP. I'm afraid to see what will be done in the next expansion

Thursday, 6 June 2013

current GM

Just thinking this through as current GM of our guild that raids normals...

Friday evening, 11 sign ups, two choices - take everyone (lower difficulty, lower ilvl) OR take 10 (higher difficulty, higher ilvl).

With only two raid nights of 2 hours per week we can't do both flex and normals and expect to make progress. So do we run flexes to gear up, then start leaving people out to do normals? Or do we mix it up - wait and see what sign ups we have and do flexes if too many?

How do the more progression-minded of us feel about getting lower ilvl and reduced difficulty as a trade off for not having to leave people out? If we go normal, how do the ones left out feel, knowing that we could have gone flex and taken them along?

How do we feel about our guild that raided heroic in ICC and DS, now still working on normals, in future potentially pushed further 'down' to an even lower flex difficulty?

If flex was same ilvl and difficulty as normal then a big YAY! from me; at the moment it's not a Boo, but more of a Hmm.

I'm not a GM, or a RL, but I would probably go with raiding normal if you're progression minded. After all, that's the goal. And, sure, it sucks to be the eleventh guy, but it makes no sense to get fast wow gold to me to sacrifice the guild's progression for something that can be done besides doing normals. I realise that no one wants to feel compelled to do the 'flex' version (much like people hate feeling compelled to do LFR). But if your guild needs the gear to succeed in normals badly enough, people can always try and pug them in their own time.

I think this is a great idea.  The more I think about it, the more I wonder why this model wasn't used since day 1.  I do have buy wow accounts a question though, and I apologize if I missed the answer somewhere:  Will this increase the number of versions of pieces of gear for the flex raids?  My meaning is, as an example, if I bring 13 people the ilvl for the gear will be 525....if I bring 14 people, the ilvl will be 527.....18 people may be ilvl 532.  Do I have the right idea?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Two great things about the contemporary ret paladin

Every week, WoW Insider brings you The Light and How to Swing It for holy, protection and retribution paladins. Seasoned ret paladin Dan Desmond is here to answer your questions and provide you with your biweekly dose of selling wow accounts retribution medicine. Contact him at with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

Patch 5.3 has turned out to be a great time to be a ret paladin. Well, in my opinion it's always a great time to be a ret paladin, but this new patch and the changes it brought with it really drive the point home. Granted, the only change we saw was a buff to our cheap wow accounts weapon-based damage via Sword of Light, which, while being a welcome boost to our DPS, isn't necessarily the most earth-shattering, game-changing thing in all of Azeroth. Still though, it opens some doors and allows us to be more competitive in the DPS game.

I have to admit, my inspiration for this column came from reading Matt Rossi's warrior column, The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Survival and the modern warrior. As I was reading through the piece, I found myself unconsciously caressing my keybind for Divine Shield, no doubt a realization of how blessed we paladins are when it comes to self-preservation mechanics and abilities. Some of the troubles that Matt detailed I have safe wow gold either sidestepped or easily handled with our generous toolbox, and his angst has given me a newfound appreciation for the veritable arsenal of useful spells at our disposal.

This week I'll be touching on a couple of our newer abilities that have proven time and time again to be so valuable and effective that I can't imagine playing a paladin without them.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Miss Lich King 2010

I'm offended by this picture and the comments... How many people died to get to the point where Arthas wasn't the lich king anymore, and we are cracking jokes? Countless raids were wiped off the face of the World... of Warcraft, and you all make jokes. You sicken me.

U know guys...there are ppl(includin me) who LIKES the story of Warcraft and the Story of Arthas and thats why "WE" play WoW and dont like cheap wow gold the dumb jokes what made out of it....and there are ppl who only play tis game cuz its popular and like to buy wow accounts to make jokes of it(i feel sry for thoos ppl),and yeah its a game so WHAT? if ppl takin it seriously?....and just sayin i playin a FFB mage..

My friend and I were talking earlier about how the Helm of Domination should have gotten thrown off the top of Icecrown, but we came to the conclusion that the next Lich King would have been a Murloc, and Azeroth would be reborn in his image.

Okay people, that's not Varian, that's Tirion. He was going to become the Lich King after Arthas was killed, when the ghost of Terenas told him, "there must always be a Lich King." Instead, Bolvar decided to take the burden, since his life was basically ruined anyway.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Conflict after the Third War

Orc, human, and night elf forces came together successfully to defeat Archimonde at Mount Hyjal in the Third War. So what happened? Territorial disputes. The night elves were unwilling to offer the orcs any kind of useable land or resources, and the humans were equally unwilling to do so. In order to survive, the Horde had to take the cheapest wow accounts to what it could -- and take what allies it could. Likely the biggest mistake Thrall made in his career as Warchief was allowing the Forsaken to join the Horde. It wasn't something he took lightly -- he had to be talked into it by Hamuul Runetotem, who thought the Forsaken had a chance at redemption.
But that act pretty much closed the door on any hope the Horde had on successfully coming to any kind of negotiations with the Alliance. The Forsaken weren't just misunderstood dead guys -- they were former Scourge. They committed horrific atrocities while they were under the Lich King's sway. What's worse, after they broke free of the Lich King's hold, they went ahead to sell wow accounts and began slaughtering the rest of the living in Lordaeron. As far as the Alliance was concerned, the Forsaken were monsters -- and in a way, they were right.
Between that, and leftover feelings of animosity from the First War, there was no way any kind of negotiation stood a chance. Thrall's Horde was not the Horde of old -- but the allies it chose to consort with implied that it was the same as ever.