Saturday, 15 June 2013

I'm on the fence also

I'm on the fence also.  On the one hand I think it is a great way to get people in on a story line that is likely the root for the next expansion.  Wrathion has major future character written all over him, and people need to get used to seeing him at the same level as a faction leader at the least.

Then the memories of all the grinding I've done to stay current kicks in and my inner nerd throws a hissy fit.  I bypassed everything and went straight to Wrathion when I hit 90.  I put in my 6000 Valor grind.  Got Rep up to sell wow accounts to Exalted before it was required.  Did everything right as I was supposed to, and then suddenly you only need 3000 Valor.  Drops for the quest are happening more often.  Now this.   I can only agree with the sentiment I saw that put into question what makes a legendary. 

I know this will be unpopular, but I wish that if they are going to do this, that they'd have a sort of reward for those who did it before the changes made it easier.  Even if it is just an achievement a la beating Lei Shen before 5.4.  Something that says "Hey, I did it the hard way, stop complaining."  Although in my opinion there would be impacts on the rewards as well.  Sort of like pre-change is the normal and the post where to buy wow accounts is LFR-ized.   That's going to get me flamed so I'm going to stop there and go put on my fire suit.

After this expansion though, no more legendaries for all.  It just seems to be more trouble than it has been worth.

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