Monday, 17 June 2013

Not in game, Not happen

I can't stand people who say "Not in game, Not happen" although I would love to have more important scenes happen in game like the sequence with Sylvanas, when the short story or book are of Christe Golden quality, I will tkae that.

Take the scene of Kalecgos becoming the Aspect of Magic. Its in game and cool yes, but reading Golden's version is so much cheap wow gold better it brings a tear to my eye. The way Golden wrote it just would not translate well as a cut scene in my opinion. Also that actual book where a lore figure dies is handled once again so ridiculously well and the heart ache you feel for Alexstraza, not to mmention the brilliant aphiphany Thrall has, all these things were better handled in a book. I also thought Varian's short story was also another example of truly stellar writing, especially having Benidictus' speech juxtaposed to Varian's and this gives you a brilliant insight into Benedictu's mindset, why he sided with Deathwing and what he believed was best.

As Rossi points out even a huge Lore nut like him will skip the beautiful cut scenes and then how many people whined and moaned about Uldum/s cut scenes (totally unwarrented save for the Harrison Jones sequence which was not THAT bad IMO. I have CRAVED cut scenes like fast wow gold those and now blizz may go the opposite direction once again due to the whinny majority....the scenes just needed voice acting at least at the part where the council meet with the king.) just goes to show why blizz would put a lot of stuff outside of game. So many people whine about the important cut scenes there already when you have some fab writing talented that can show some deep insight into a scene then I can understand them  going literary.

Just had to rant on this, I LOVE the books and I love the in game events, both are perfectly valid. Plus I do feel blizz is really getting a handle on balancing all this, Jaina's book will rock and then we also get a PVE Scenario for the battle of Theramore to boot. I hope Scenarios can used to give some much needed love to many bits like blood elf, Draenei and Worgen lore.

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