Friday, 21 June 2013


The error with the release of this talent is that you get too "sweetened" to cast everything while moving, this mutated the concept of a caster class in warlock player minds: you have to stand quiet while casting or channeling spells, becouse you are a caster. The only problem with the original change was the awful notice to PvE warlocks, but now with this change they have no excuses to QQ now.

No, I don't. But I DO have a caster and I DO KNOW game mechanics, you now can run out a dmg aoe at normal speed while casting. Don't tell me that "OH, but i can't cast soulstone, revive my pet, cast fear, etc, etc", STOP IT, warlocks in previous expansions could do it, they will this time. Casting while standing in both foot is what should happen. You get too used to safe wow gold this, like it was a central warlock ability at it's born and it's a TALENT, a TALENT should be a good improve to your class NOT A "MUST HAVE OR THIS CLASS iS USELESS" and talking about this like they take you off your pets or shomething central and crucial.

Now, every single change was a BUFF, that's what "up from %" means, if you are grammatically challenged. The only possible negative change is "Mastery: Frostburn has been redesigned", which I'm sure is a nerf world of warcraft accounts, but without number crunching we can't tell if FROST ONLY is getting an overall nerf. Now that I've proven that Fire/Arcane definitely have a buff, why don't you crunch numbers and prove to us that Frost received an overall nerf before making wild statements.

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