Monday, 24 June 2013

It goes both ways actually

It goes both ways actually. If you say no explanation, do you go in there without any preparation? What do you think a pvp'er is up to? Tutoring in every game he wants to play for all the pve'ers that are forced by Blizzard to complete their single victory? It enforces the feeling of entitlement as much as going to raid but then expecting to get a run down of every boss because one would not do that before joining.

There are guides on the objectives of both battlegrounds and on basic pvp strategy.

Yes, I know how useless one can feel when you seem to have no option, but pvp is about much more than just standing in one place casting spells and moving when the boss mod yells. It is about all those tricks and spells that are barely used in pve: fear, stuns, interrupts, line of sight.

I don't know what class you are playing, but I have pushed almost all through the honor grind at some point and can offer some safe wow gold insights especially at the lower levels.

I'm usually PvE - story driven, but I have enjoyed PvP in the past. At present, I'm in the "OMG lots 2 do..." phase of faction dailies for shinies some heroics/scenarios with friends and family and dabbling in LFR.

Gearing is fun, as was random BG's for honor and converting to justice for alt heirlooms. I'll probably get back into it.

Main barrier to PvP is eventually burning out on world of warcraft accounts the jerks who, while very skilled in PvP, are unskilled in basic social intelligence. The funsuckers who heal my toon (very grateful for this btw), then try to tear down my ego start to wear me down and question if this is really fun.

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