Thursday, 13 June 2013


Stromgarde has histoprical resonance with humanity in WoW and its a storylien many Alliance players have looked forward to and argued for. Many Alliance - and next to no Horde. Stromgarde simply holds a strong relevance for the Alliance....and next to none for the Horde, even with Galen. Galen being "king" is meaningless...because the Forsaken have to conquer the city and its people anyway.

1) no we haven't gotten dalaran back. It's still in Northrend and still full of Horde. Just because Blizzard says it's Alliance only in lore doesn't change its placement in the game. I don't want to buy wow accounts be pedantic, but it sucks when Horde gets actual cities, and gets to actually blow up Theramore and Alliance players are told "Just pretend Dalaran is there. Use your imagination!"

2) Horde is invading Oggrimar as well. The Alliance is not one upping you there. We have to grovel to Vol'jin and help serve him dinner and then we get the same raid you do. If you want to call that "even" ...well....whatever. But what stretch of the cheap wow gold imagination is The Alliance coming out ahead in that scenario? So much so that you think we have gotten enough attention to make up for the last 2 horde centric xpacs?

I've played Battlefield Barrens as Alliance and not once did I grovel to Vol'jin over anything. I was told to go and poke around, I poked around, Vol'jin made me an offer with some asshole comments, I told him we'd be quite happy to walk into Orgrimmar over the bodies of the Darkspear and he crumpled.

Whether or not it's in the game yet the Alliance still has Dalaran back, if it's in the next xpac or a future patch it will be an Alliance city.

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