Saturday, 20 July 2013

I think the reward should be a scrimshaw

I think the reward should be a scrimshaw that can be taken into a dg.
Easy - slim chance of extra food drop
med - increased chance of food drop
Hard - 10% increase to coin drop
alternate - double food/coins for 4 hours with 24 hour reset (daily, not rolling)
Elite - 1 extra life per day in dg free of xp reduction

Name: Good Eats (elite)
Desc: Prepare a moray and edicap potato from scratch sell runescape accounts
Skill reqs: 99 cooking, 90 fishing, 68 farming
Other reqs: must be made on a range

Name: Impassible (elite)
Desc: Open any door requiring a level 100+ skill
Skill reqs: at least a level 90+ in either smithing, crafting, runecrafting, thieving, agility, herblore, or construction
Other reqs: N/a

Name: Hustle (hard)
Desc: Complete a large map in under 20 minutes
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Skill reqs: N/a
Other reqs: N/a

A resource dungeon that will have a central table that can be looted once per day.

An array of miniature boss companion followers

Friday, 19 July 2013

I hope Clan slave, gissel potato

Name: Clan slave? :p
Description: Perform a full citadel cap
Levels required to complete: N/A
Other content required (if known): To be in a clan
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Name: Gissel Potato
Description: Cave Moray & Gissel Potato ( made by using a Baked cave potato with cooked Cave moray and a Gissel mushroom) Player must fish and harvest each individual ingredient in the dungeon
Levels required to complete: 96 cooking, 90 fishing, 34 farming
Other content required (if known): Elite

Name: Dungillionire/Loaded
Description: Acquire 300,000 gp in a dungeon
Levels required to complete: none
Other content required (if known): none
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Friday, 12 July 2013

Many players can't finish the quest- campfire

Fix nomad's requiem! Many players including myself can't finish the quest due to the bug! I have submitted a report btw. Haha so meny ppl mone lol sell runescape accounts get over it games evolve count ur stars u got to play it for years go but cod like 4 hours play time. The background really makes me think of dragon-whispering skill. ey last night me and 2 of my clan friends with this outher guy we did bandos for the first time now were going to do zamorak witch is going to be awsome!!

so uh....since when did Jagex have power over when and how long I can play a game I PAY for???!!! I got kicked off just now with something I never knew existed, "my game time had "expired" wth? Like really rs accounts for sale???? I didnt even play an hour and a half!!!

since when did Jagex have power over when and how long I can play a game I PAY for???!!! I got kicked off just now with something I never knew existed, "my game time had "expired" wth? Like really???? I didnt even play an hour and a half!!! Man, I wish there was a bit more content for F2P players because I only get membership 1 or 2 times a year.

 It would be nice to have some new things added to sell rs accounts the older skills. I can't remember when a new spell was added that was useful, or new teleports. Something to make the player owned house a bit more significant and useful would be cool as well. Being able to drop or destroy straight from the bank would be the best update in the history of RS lol. I love the EoC and new updates coming don't get me wrong, but when we get used to a website and it changes it gets a little annoying. I don't think it's necessary to change the website every year or two. Maybe in small ways, but not majorly. Hopefully after this update, it'll stay this way for a long time.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

seems pretty even between SoF

Nope, seems pretty even between SoF/Solomon updates and in-game updates. (Even the one with the toolbelt update; if you look at the list of in-game updates posted in that news post, it's a lot of changes.)

Now where you do have MMG on a broken promise is this:

"The Squeal of Fortune (and, to a lesser extent, Solomon’s General Store) has always been a heated topic of discussion. I won’t sugar Runescape accounts sell-coat this: these additions were - and are - vital for growing RuneScape. They allowed us to double the size of RuneScape’s team and keep up the near-weekly game updates. Also, we've put the money we've earned from these back into RuneScape technology and infrastructure, with the focus on tackling lag, improving audio and graphical quality. You'll see these big investments really coming into play in 2013."

But again, that's capitalism for you. Although - we can't really say this promise is broken yet. We're only halfway through 2013, after all - and the biggest improvement ever (from the sound of it), RS3/dawn of the sell rs accounts 6th age, is just around the corner. And there *has* been near-weekly game updates in 2013. Some of it low-level stuff or a large amount of small tweaks to be sure, but those are still updates. And there's been a goodly amount of high-level updates as well, like the ones we seem to agree on (farm update, triskellion, etc).

Now if they could just make it so there's no more lag ever.   Or at least only once or twice per year, from their end. (I've discovered on my laptop, especially since I use firefox, that at least half the time the lag  rs accounts for sale is on my end and a browser or laptop restart will fix the problem.)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

blizzard needs to stop flaunting

blizzard needs to stop flaunting what they can do "OMG look we can bring a bad product to a great console" and start taking care of its fan base. Do they not realize that 11 million copies of this game has been sold Diablo3 item....yet only a small fraction of those players still play? This should speak volumes to the company. Take what I am going to say to heart: the diablo community would NOT be mad at you if you shut down this game, admit you guys royally screwed up and rebooted the game in a reasonable amount of time....heck look what square-enix is doing for FF 14...the game was a massive failure but now, they are rebooting the game [obviously we dont know how good it will be but, it just shows the commitment THAT company has]. But I guess we [well not me, I play TL2 (sucks that your own employees made a 100x better game with fewer resources cheap diablo 3 gold, doesnt it?)] have to settle for mindless "patches" that really dont equate to much [so awesome that I get 5%MF only to play and get 0 drops] and lets not forget about the "paragon level"....right wouldnt it just be simplier to make the cap to lvl 100 and in subsequent expansions increase it to lvl120 [why are you afraid of going over 100? lol].

One play-thru was enough for me. But I guess if grinding/looting is your thing... Just don't play it for the story. Ugh.Blizzard Diablo 3 items for sale, not the same company it used to be. Lets not fix our game and instead hand it out to even more fans so we can make more money. This is the message you are sending your once loyal fans. I am so disappointed. que cabrones me gasto dinero en pcs uno nuevo y dos juegos, hablo por mi y mi ex ÇÇ, y ahora lo sacáis en consola?(que ya teneiamos dos...) NO HAY DERECHO ÇÇ  If anything, they should put D2 on XBox/PS.....D2 is sweet! And I am sure most people (including myself) would much rather play D2 than D3 any day.

Monday, 1 July 2013

I already beat Inferno Diablo with each of the 5 classes

Nope. I already beat Inferno Diablo with each of the 5 classes. Thanks for making the game too easy.ow about you moron go do HC char and level to 60 and tell me when you have Inferno mp10 on farm.That's because FB and twitter didn't exist then. The Internet and forums were in their infancy. Games werent reported on by mainstream media then. So it makes since you didn't hear any hate.That game is terrible, and I can't even believe you made that comparison Diablo 3 account sell.

 How about you move out of your parents basement?Torchlight 2 were made by former Diablo developers....the gameplay is very nice.... Diablo 3 is over rated. When is D3 upgrade is coming out?This is what D3 was SUPPOSED to be. Just using Marvel characters instead. Oh and guess what - THEY MANAGED TO GET PvP in there already... ffs.That's because FB and twitter didn't buy diablo 3 gold exist then. The Internet and forums were in their infancy. Games werent reported on by mainstream media then. So it makes since you didn't hear any hate.

lvl 100 para and still ZERO good drops unless u count firwalker spirit stone and gibbits as good.I dont remember this much hate when d2 was released... must be hard to live up to epicness.Torchlight 2 were made by former Diablo developers....the gameplay is very nice....

Friday, 28 June 2013

My friends Diablo3 account was hacked

 My friends Diablo3 account was hacked I let him know he got it back two weeks ago and then today he messages me telling me his account was banned. Do they not have notes on record that he has got his account back from being hacked?

Get fsdfsd and his friends and ban them all diablo 3 gold!!! Every time I log on I have at least 2-3 of them on the friend request.reminds me of my good old trusty pindle bot that yield me my first legit windforce and grandfather.

This is why pc players r so butt hurt that pc games r coming to ps3 & ps4 & why is that cause they wont b able to use hacks & mods i mean really have some respect for the game u claim to b fans of a real gamer
Diablo 3 items for sale would never use mods & hacks those r for ppl with no skill in the game & have to rely on cheap tricks heck I wouldnt b suprised if the majority of mmo's came to ps4 cause we console gamers actually have some decentcy & respect for both the game & the developers that work so hard for us their fans.Kill monster , pick up item , equip item "if good " just to kill more monsters over and over ... ehh no thanks got boring after 2 months , tried to login other day and says my login is invalid ... done with it for now.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

They should make lodestones like a reward

They should make lodestones like a reward, maybe like you unlock the Karamja one after finishing the medium tasks. Would be better instead of just spoonfeeding the players.I think you should add one in Daemonheim, that way you don't have to bank the ring of kinship when you want to buy runescape account teleport to a sinkhole.Other than that, this is great! No need to walk to Tirannwn or use those stupid tiny elf crystals. Now the sixth age has shown that Tirannwn is an existing plane. Thank the mages for finding out about lodestones.

Making RS easier week by week, gotta love it lol. Guess there's still the good ol' osrs if we want to play the real thing again that was actually more challenging.I'm interested to see what changes this update will bring to the Glory/Clue scroll teleport scrolls though....

They make the game easier? Perhaps  buy runescape gold. But only in good sense this time. Running around is sometimes very frustrating. Runescape's landscape isn't all that interesting after a decade of exploring anyway.

Just wanting to get wherever I want as quickly as possible is the thing nowadays. Besides, I doubt these lodestones will all, if any be in same locations as some other possible teleports, like the elf crystals mentioned.

I am very excited about the 6th age beginning next week, or did I misshear that part?

Monday, 24 June 2013

It goes both ways actually

It goes both ways actually. If you say no explanation, do you go in there without any preparation? What do you think a pvp'er is up to? Tutoring in every game he wants to play for all the pve'ers that are forced by Blizzard to complete their single victory? It enforces the feeling of entitlement as much as going to raid but then expecting to get a run down of every boss because one would not do that before joining.

There are guides on the objectives of both battlegrounds and on basic pvp strategy.

Yes, I know how useless one can feel when you seem to have no option, but pvp is about much more than just standing in one place casting spells and moving when the boss mod yells. It is about all those tricks and spells that are barely used in pve: fear, stuns, interrupts, line of sight.

I don't know what class you are playing, but I have pushed almost all through the honor grind at some point and can offer some safe wow gold insights especially at the lower levels.

I'm usually PvE - story driven, but I have enjoyed PvP in the past. At present, I'm in the "OMG lots 2 do..." phase of faction dailies for shinies some heroics/scenarios with friends and family and dabbling in LFR.

Gearing is fun, as was random BG's for honor and converting to justice for alt heirlooms. I'll probably get back into it.

Main barrier to PvP is eventually burning out on world of warcraft accounts the jerks who, while very skilled in PvP, are unskilled in basic social intelligence. The funsuckers who heal my toon (very grateful for this btw), then try to tear down my ego start to wear me down and question if this is really fun.

Friday, 21 June 2013


The error with the release of this talent is that you get too "sweetened" to cast everything while moving, this mutated the concept of a caster class in warlock player minds: you have to stand quiet while casting or channeling spells, becouse you are a caster. The only problem with the original change was the awful notice to PvE warlocks, but now with this change they have no excuses to QQ now.

No, I don't. But I DO have a caster and I DO KNOW game mechanics, you now can run out a dmg aoe at normal speed while casting. Don't tell me that "OH, but i can't cast soulstone, revive my pet, cast fear, etc, etc", STOP IT, warlocks in previous expansions could do it, they will this time. Casting while standing in both foot is what should happen. You get too used to safe wow gold this, like it was a central warlock ability at it's born and it's a TALENT, a TALENT should be a good improve to your class NOT A "MUST HAVE OR THIS CLASS iS USELESS" and talking about this like they take you off your pets or shomething central and crucial.

Now, every single change was a BUFF, that's what "up from %" means, if you are grammatically challenged. The only possible negative change is "Mastery: Frostburn has been redesigned", which I'm sure is a nerf world of warcraft accounts, but without number crunching we can't tell if FROST ONLY is getting an overall nerf. Now that I've proven that Fire/Arcane definitely have a buff, why don't you crunch numbers and prove to us that Frost received an overall nerf before making wild statements.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


interesting pictuer

That is a ridiculous statement

That is a ridiculous statement. For how long have you played the game? World of Warcraft has not always been so well designed, and in the beginning of the game there was a vast difference in how well different classes earned gold, some classes didn't even have a viable DPS spec. In addition to get fast wow gold that, Blizzard asked for a stupid number of consumables to raid, a large quantity of gold just to ride at maximum speed (100% riding speed was crucial in vanilla BGs) plus insane repair bills on raid progression (40 people dying per wipe = one heck of a gold drain).

Then came TBC where the first tier riding skill was slower than a ground mount (60% flying speed) and you needed to purchase the expensive riding skill to unlock content such as Netherwing daily quests, and without fast speed you couldn't even farm anywhere near the same rate as your clustering competition.

With other words, Blizzard *created* the need to buy gold. There's a reason they suddenly realized riding skill prices needed to go down, the number of consumables went down, repair costs were equalized and no cheap wow accounts content required an expensive gold donation. They learned from their mistakes, but they still invited gold farmers into the game by creating a need for which there was no supply.

As gold has gotten easier to earn, so has the amounts you get for your money increased. Blizzard already sells special mounts in their store so what's the difference between buying a mount from Blizzard or buying gold to purchase a mount like Vial of  the Sands? Because Blizzard says it's "cheating"? Hm?

I don't support buying gold because of the methods gold farmers have resorted to sell gold, like scamming accounts (my nephew's account was hacked). But gold farmers didn't always use such methods, and Blizzard gave gold farmers good reasons to sell gold in the game.