Saturday, 20 July 2013

I think the reward should be a scrimshaw

I think the reward should be a scrimshaw that can be taken into a dg.
Easy - slim chance of extra food drop
med - increased chance of food drop
Hard - 10% increase to coin drop
alternate - double food/coins for 4 hours with 24 hour reset (daily, not rolling)
Elite - 1 extra life per day in dg free of xp reduction

Name: Good Eats (elite)
Desc: Prepare a moray and edicap potato from scratch sell runescape accounts
Skill reqs: 99 cooking, 90 fishing, 68 farming
Other reqs: must be made on a range

Name: Impassible (elite)
Desc: Open any door requiring a level 100+ skill
Skill reqs: at least a level 90+ in either smithing, crafting, runecrafting, thieving, agility, herblore, or construction
Other reqs: N/a

Name: Hustle (hard)
Desc: Complete a large map in under 20 minutes
buy runescape accounts
Skill reqs: N/a
Other reqs: N/a

A resource dungeon that will have a central table that can be looted once per day.

An array of miniature boss companion followers

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