Wednesday, 10 July 2013

seems pretty even between SoF

Nope, seems pretty even between SoF/Solomon updates and in-game updates. (Even the one with the toolbelt update; if you look at the list of in-game updates posted in that news post, it's a lot of changes.)

Now where you do have MMG on a broken promise is this:

"The Squeal of Fortune (and, to a lesser extent, Solomon’s General Store) has always been a heated topic of discussion. I won’t sugar Runescape accounts sell-coat this: these additions were - and are - vital for growing RuneScape. They allowed us to double the size of RuneScape’s team and keep up the near-weekly game updates. Also, we've put the money we've earned from these back into RuneScape technology and infrastructure, with the focus on tackling lag, improving audio and graphical quality. You'll see these big investments really coming into play in 2013."

But again, that's capitalism for you. Although - we can't really say this promise is broken yet. We're only halfway through 2013, after all - and the biggest improvement ever (from the sound of it), RS3/dawn of the sell rs accounts 6th age, is just around the corner. And there *has* been near-weekly game updates in 2013. Some of it low-level stuff or a large amount of small tweaks to be sure, but those are still updates. And there's been a goodly amount of high-level updates as well, like the ones we seem to agree on (farm update, triskellion, etc).

Now if they could just make it so there's no more lag ever.   Or at least only once or twice per year, from their end. (I've discovered on my laptop, especially since I use firefox, that at least half the time the lag  rs accounts for sale is on my end and a browser or laptop restart will fix the problem.)


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