Friday, 7 June 2013

paladin toolkit

I liked the paladin toolkit better in Wrath, even taking into account how lousy holy could be at group/raid healing. I only play ret now - and only to get to level cap - and I am very bored with doing essentially white damage while I wait for one of my offensive abilities or spells to come off CD. I want my auras back, dangit! And Divine Intervention, because I feel that was an iconic ability for a warrior of the Light.

I wish I didn't have so much to manage on my hunter, but I'm afraid to say anything because I don't want to chance cheap wow gold losing iconic abilities.

I still scratch my head at Blizzard folding Blast Wave (instant cast aoe damage + slow) into Flamestrike. I really miss it. Also, the cinematic trailer for Burning Crusade is now slightly less accurate. I remember my brother cackling in glee as he watched the Forsaken mage wipe out a bunch of approaching murlocs. Also, Amplify Magic and Dampen Magic - give them back, Blizzard. So what if buy wow accounts they weren't useful in raiding? Dampen Magic saved my rear many times while I leveled in vanilla and BC. Amplify Magic = trollface.jpg

I haven't much touched shaman, warlock, or warrior so I can't speak to those classes.

DKs are kind of a separate issue because I am still very unhappy with Blizzard destroying my dual-wielding frost tank and blood dps specs. And they keep re-working what abilities do and how they work. ><

Druid I felt was ok, and that was before Blizzard separated bear and kitty. Same with priest.

I do okay with buttons on my rogue but I miss my old poisons. At least we got a glyph that gave us Swirly Ball back (slight language warning for the YT vid).

My fistweaver's buttons are kind of annoying, but I think I can solve that with tweaking my keybinds.

All in all, I'm somewhat dissatisfied with the button removals that Blizzard has done since Cataclysm and particularly in MoP. I'm afraid to see what will be done in the next expansion

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