Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The bad luck factor

Because RPPM trinkets have a relatively low proc chance, it's entirely possible to not get any procs for a long period of time. Some trinkets have RPPM values as low as 0.55, which means they're only designed to proc once every two minutes anyway. It would be easy to see that trinket not generating any procs at all during a short 2-3 minute Jin'rokh encounter. Sometimes random can be fun, and sometimes random can be not fun. Randomly not getting any trinket procs in a full boss encounter is in the "not fun" category.

In order to help account for that, RPPM trinkets that haven't had a proc in 1.5x their average proc time will begin to accrue an additional chance to proc. Blizzard's example was a trinket with a 1.33 RPPM value, which corresponds to sell wow accounts about 45 seconds between each proc. If you went 72 seconds without a proc (1.6x the 45-second average), you would see a 1.3x boost to your proc chance.

For a trinket like Bad Juju, with its value of 0.55 RPPM, it has an average proc interval of 109 seconds. You'd have to wait 163 seconds (2:43) before the increased chance to proc would activate. Considering that many Jin'rokh kills are shorter than that, it's still very possible that you won't see any procs at all.

The bad luck factor also builds up when we're out of combat, which means that if your raid takes a few minutes setting up for a boss, all of that time is accruing towards a big chance to proc at the start of a fight. However, for low-RPPM trinkets like Bad Juju, you would have to wait a long time (10 minutes) before you could be guaranteed a proc at the start of a fight. Even if you waited 5 minutes, you couldn't count on a proc in the first 10 seconds. In my testing, the bad luck factor only accrues when you have the trinket equipped, so swapping to buy wow accounts your RPPM trinkets right before a boss isn't helpful.

It's important to remember that there's no "good luck factor" in play with RPPM. While two of our Throne of Thunder trinkets (Renataki's and RoRo) have ICDs, there's nothing else to prevent you from getting procs in quick succession. If your Talisman of Bloodlust procs on the trash before the boss, that doesn't negatively affect your chances of getting procs on the boss itself. There's no "you got a proc recently" debuff that will cause you to get fast wow gold fewer procs. Unless you're specifically sitting idle with an RPPM trinket equipped to build up your bad luck factor, there's no negative consequence to getting an RPPM proc. You could get another proc on the very next attack!

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