Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I would like to see Sylvannas

I would like to see Sylvannas to play a hand. The forsaken have been a bit complacent in all this recent trouble. I agree. With her newfound sense of responsibility to her people, I'd like to see her buy wow gold more active. To all the haters of this game, UNLIKE this page... NOW!!! You're not worthy of being here anymore.

No, because it makes no sense to waste your time following and commenting on something just to say how much you hate it. Go take the trolling somewhere else, we see enough of that in Trade and wow gold for sale on the forums. I love how the whiners complain on the WoW page they have 'liked'. Save it for someone who cares.

Remember once upon a time WoW would release a facebook post and have 20,000 likes and 1,000 comments in sell wow accounts a matter of minutes? Now days only 400 comments and 2,600 likes after an hours time.

They shot themselves in the foot hardcore. Perhaps the greatest MMO found in ruins, dead realms, empty cities, and a whole wave of children spamming trade chat. Garrosh is probably the worst warchief the Horde has ever had. I did not enjoy the storyline after he started up the war with the Alliance again. Thrall was probably the best warchief since he was friends with jaina proudmoor and tried to be peaceful with the Alliance. Garrosh is too much of a hothead, just like his father, but at least Grom had an excuse, being under demonic control and all. Garrosh is just a jerk.

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