Tuesday, 7 May 2013

God Wars Dungeon

 i like the game despite being targeted it seems by a j-mods mid interpretation on what should or shouldn't be construed as offensive (may b he should read his own rules ) any way why is it it seems ya never get s fair say in sticking up for yourself when no rules are broken ! Jagex message me we can discuss this further unless you admit I'm right by forfeit ! Hey, good time to buy runescape account and sell rs accounts.  I love Runscape before when the graphics is limited and I fully Inlove with Runescape now that the graphics upgraded.....And to All the effort of the personel that involved to the very huge Improvement now Runescape is one of the Best Game ever made because of its Unique and very socialised culture. To the management of Runescape. Congrates and more Power! Go Jagex!

jagex why are you letting people rent their own God Wars Dungeon? so stupid, now bandos armadyl and other items are going to crash in price. boost still titan it suck sacks get 2 hitted on minigames and dont deal damage on bosses pre eoc was the sit... oh and drygore nerf..

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