Thursday, 9 May 2013

Falador Location

Falador lies north-west of Lumbridge and Draynor Village, and directly west of the foreboding edifice of Draynor Manor. To the east, beyond the Barbarian Village and the River Lum, lies Varrock, capital of Misthalin.

To the north of Falador lies the Dwarven Mine, which can be reached by virtue of the lattice of tunnels that extend between the mine and the Mining Guild in Falador. Travelling north-west from Falador, via Taverley, will bring you to Burthorpe, seat of the Crown Prince of Asgarnia and home of the Imperial Guard.

There is little directly west of Falador except the Makeover Mage, Photo Booth and Dark Wizards' Tower. rs accounts for sale cheap now on

To the south lies Port Sarim and the village of Rimmington. Also, the Clan Camp lies just outside the city's south wall.

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