Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Demon Hunter

There are four difficulty levels after Normal, and the game is designed to take one character through at least twice - the really good gear only starts to appear at the end of Normal, and some runes and skills don't even open up until Nightmare. There are five classes that all play differently as well, from the revolting pets of the Witch Doctor to the dark ranged attacks of the Demon Hunter.

The game's famously been attacked for requiring an Internet connection to play. Once you log in past Error 37 (an issue that's hard to forgive, but forgivable nonetheless), you can see why that connection is there: Blizzard has not only closely integrated the game with an online auction house, but the social system is deep and powerful as well. You can see where your friends are playing at any time, and jump in or out with them on demand.Want to sell diablo 3 account? Public games are easy to find and join, and every player only sees their own drops, so there's never any fighting over loot. Quests are the only place where the social connection can fall apart: Entering someone else's game puts you on their quest in the story, which can be confusing when you return to your own. But the out-of-game menus can easily let you go back to whatever you'd like to play.

The weakest part of Diablo 3 is the story. Again, Blizzard has learned a lot about storytelling from World of Warcraft, and it has worked hard to draw characters in this game with clear and interesting lines. The Followers (more or less required for single-player) each have their own memorable personalities, provide some excellent chuckles, want to buy runescape account? and do a great job of pointing out more loot, or just filling out the environment (my Templar told me once that the ground in one demonic sanctum "yields like flesh," providing quite a mental image).

Though Blizzard leaps into these personalities with style, it fumbles the landing. The game's plot turns are almost comedically telegraphed (as World of Warcraft players know, anytime there's a lot of power around someone will go mad with it), and the ending, at least to Normal mode, is as abrupt as a pop-up screen that tells you the game is over. The setting of the game is suitably epic, and there's a lot of great characters to care about here, but most of them are forgotten by the the time the credits roll.

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