Sunday, 5 May 2013

SoF and Soloman's updates

I remember back before the SoF and Soloman's updates, occasionally we would have weeks where there would be no updates, or having an update postponed.

SoF help pay for bigger and better content, and gives you some (occasionally) cool outfits to boot. What is the issue here? Not one legitimate argument against it since the release.

Don't forget, as Mod MMG has said many times before, these additional extras help fund much of the big new content we've been investing in, such as HTML5 and the New Interface System to buy rs accounts. This cosmetic fun stuff benefits everyone - even those who chose not to buy into it - by increasing the amount we have to invest in content without raising membership prices.

And it's also worth remembering we only have a small dedicated team for designing these promotional updates. We have massive dedicated teams working on main-game content (quests, graphics, skills etc) and improvements to the underlying game (the Alpha & Beta teams).

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