Thursday, 9 May 2013


guys the 62 lvl cap is because the level cap is technically 60. Once youve hit the paragon levels YOURE ALREADY MAXED AND GETTING STRONGER IS OVERKILL. Also I want to point out that while not technically cheating rerolling over and over again is breaking the game. Theyre adding these small bonus chances so that you DONT just sit there and reroll til you get godmode equipment. Youre mad because they're making the game a challenge? youre mad because youre not being fed steady 300 dps items? Honestly, if im dpsin 300 Im making a new character at that point. Hed just run through everything no challenge. Also why not sink money into crafting? What else does it go to besides chest slots. The truth is buying vendor equips just doesnt pay off so your gold purpose should ONLY be crafting and chest expansion really。

One of the most promising features of D3,
But went extremely awry. It makes no sense to even try crafting items if they can only roll crappy level stats only. sell diablo 3 accountWith level 62 stats at best, only in the case of the Hallowed Defenders.
That's just crap. None of the plans is worth a dime.

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