Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Train your combat and save your drops

By far the hands down most important tips I can give to anyone whether new or veteran. Train your combat and save your drops. Train train train, the only foolproof ways to make bank is to skill and kill.
And to go with that watch your trades, nothing kills your progress like getting item switch scammed.
If you are good at pvp tear em up, that big score is waiting for you.
Bot kill at the green dragons, not as good after eoc due to selling runescape accounts the pker's but good cash, weigh the risk.

Last tip and perhaps the most important, have fun. Its a game, games are suposed to be fun. No fun, whats the point?

 Get the 2012 rs back (make eoc severs and 2012 servers) I know making the eoc was expensive but alot of peaple want cheap runescape accounts the 2012 back and dont wanna start again for 2007. I have a live too we worked so hard for our stats and bank and its now eoc but alot of peaple dont wanna play it. (AND A GAME LIKE 2012 RUNESCAPE CAN'T BE DEATH BY EOC)

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