Sunday, 14 April 2013

Never bring a sword to a crossbow fight

Even though melee is supposed to have an edge over ranged but whatever. Not like the combat triangle ever worked anyways.I find magic is to affective against range armor did a test and, magic vs ranged I only really had an edge if I used a crystal bow. I have 99 Ranged and 97 Defence. of all 2h handed weapons u pick a bgs to buy runescape account represent melle. For a guy wearing Torva u'd figure he could afford a better weapon but this fight was rigged from the start, by picking a bgs over c-maul. L2melle

 it all depends on how you use your abilities, I usually mage and still nuke those rangers with asphyxiate followed by the double hit. which usually takes them down. Just keep using regular stun till they use freedom on this one, wait a few secs or selling runescape accounts, then asphyxiate

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