Saturday, 27 April 2013

RS or WOW?

Hey jagex, i wanted to say i like the HTML5 client, but can it be possible to increase camera turning speed? the speed of the camera is so annoying..  i have a problem. i killed a cyleossus and i tried to pick the dragon defender up and i cant what do i do? i cant examine it either or buy runescape account. It even allows multiple presets to be made, which is a feature that some other games don't even have. It's a great improvement that's worthy of praise, not blind, butthurt ridicule.umm with the back pack needing to be opend like that you will not be able to eat food while bossing/ spam food and pots. so fair thats the only stupid idea taht this new alpha has.Runescape Community member: Whaaaa ruindscape WASD camera controls are gonna destroy everything!! I quit!

 I have an idea to alpha / beta wich would be awesome if added to real game later on. so we r able to see distant lands right, it would be so amazing for selling runescape accounts ! if we would be able to see people too that would be like wow!! xDNoone wants a game with the rarest item being something based on luck. Like 3rd age. Just implement the rares already.So many people do not care about the interface just add the rares in 07 already your done with both polls both were good. So just put them in in already!

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