Thursday, 18 April 2013

Community Round-Up

Mod Osborne Lore Q&A

Last week, RuneScape’s Senior Narrative Designer Mod Osborne leapt onto the forums to answer all your questions on the lore, history and characters of Gielinor. Among the burning questions answered were: how did Zamorak succeed where Lucien failed? Whom do the Fremennik worship? What happened to buy runescape accounts the Elder Gods? How do the designers feel about the fates of their own characters? That’s just scratching the surface of Mod Osborne’s detailed responses, all of which can be found here.


Dungeoneering and Trouble Brewing are both on the agenda this weekend, as RuneHQ is running a double header of events. Saturday brings a free-to-play expedition into the depths of Daemonheim, leading into Sunday’s rum minigame extravaganza. Worlds, times and locations can be found on our official events page here.

Before then you’ll find Family Unity Network - a group of friends/events team - hosting a Stealing Creation event on Friday. If you’ve got enviable clay skills – or none at all – head to World 45 at 9pm GMT. More details here.

Do you want some guidance on how to be the most effective combatant you can? You’ll want to take part in Advanced Combat’s training sessions then. The clan are running lessons every Saturday for those that want to selling runescape accounts increase their fighting potential. Full details on how to get involved can be found here.

Fansite news

RuneForums are launching a skilling competition at the start of April, but you’ll likely need to start preparing now. Each week a skill will be chosen and whoever earns the most XP will win a month of membership! You’ll find all the details you need right here.

RuneZone have improved their YouTube channel to feature all their news, interviews, tips and more in one easy-to-view location, with everything more accessible than ever before.

Community Creations

Artist extraordinaire LegendArts has created this unique concept: Armadyl armour...on a pony. It’s pretty darn cool, even for non-pony aficionados.

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