Monday, 18 March 2013

Which Bug You Hate Most

I just wnat to know which bug you hate most. The following are some runescape players' opinions.
1.mysterious shade(My personal first hate, and cross-cutting)
2.forgotten Mage
3.forgotten warrior
4.forgotten ranger
5.dung spider

1. Mysterious shade
2. Necromancer
3. Ramokees
4. Any demons
5. Spiders

1. Lvl 111/133 Mysterious shade (if has food then can be accepted)
2. Monolith (the first two are nasty shade, although this lucky may only low-level)
3. Reborn Mage (Warp unique magician, and Necromancer will also summon two close men, but ... seen to understand);
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4. T10/T11 forgotten warrior (hex on no magic bind weaknesses)
5. Lvl 303 Black Dragon (extra-thick anti)

1.Reborn Mage (the most annoying, obviously gd cleared the warrior one is summoned to that room on disaster)
2.mysterious shade

So how do you think about?

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