Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Runescape Wilderness Warbans for RS Players

The Wilderness Warbands is a new risk and challenge for runescape members. If you are not a member, you can buy runescape accounts with membership on and then you can enjoy the Wilderness Warbans. In the most dangerous place in RS, you can test your teamwork, stealth and combat in the brutal new combat D&D.

The Wilderness is one of the most dangerous places in runescape where quercus the ent is troubled by the ermergence of savage warbands. If you are familiar with the wilderness warbands, you will know that it is always been home to rogues aplenty and brigands. Lately, though -as rumours abound about what happened at Orlando Smith's archaeological dig - they've begun banding together in larger, sell runescape accounts on and you will not wonder where to sell runescape accounts more organised groups to kill and plunder: all in the name of the RuneScape gods! Quercus is worried that they're becoming a threat to the world's balance, and while he can't intervene directly, he's looking for those who can.

You can buy runescape accounts on Quercus will regularly send out notifications as warband camps crop up in the Wilderness. You'll need to gather some strong, trustworthy friends, gear up, and make your way there past the PKers and other perils of the Wilderness. Do this, though, and with skill, teamwork and plenty of courage, you'll be able to take the warband down.
Armadyl Warbands

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