Tuesday, 26 March 2013

07 Version Runescape is Back and Power Leveling Guides

As we know, the 07 version runescape is back and many older runescape players are coming back to the game. The beautiful memories let more runescape players to train their runescape accounts, that is, power leveling rs accounts. Power leveling the game accounts is different from buying game accounts directly from Internet for the game accounts belongs to you all the time if you choose to power leveling the game accounts. While, if you choose to buy runescape accounts on Internet that means the accounts don’t belongs to you at the beginning. No matter you search “power leveling runescape accounts” or “buy runescape accounts”, you will find all kinds of sites with series services for you.

Once you decide to ask one company to train your rs accounts and you give him your username and password, you need to pay for the service in real money. Then, the company will train it according to your requirement. Yeah, there exist risks to give your username and password. So, it is very important for you to select a reliable company. At here, you may still wonder how to chat the business with the power leveling people. At the following I will give you some tips about that.

As far as I can see, the Stronghold of Security which located right in the middle of Barbarian Village is the best place to train your runescape accounts. You will see a hole in the ground around the place that runescape gamers are always mining. You will get the entrance of the Stronghold of Sercurity by right clicking the hold. The Stronghold of Security is very fun if you get it. There are some wonderful rewards for you when you hit the end of each level. If you want to make runescape money and make rich for your accounts, this is a good place for you for you can get 3,000 gold for just the first level. You will get more rewards when you finish high quest.

Compared to buy runescape accounts, some players may prefer to power leveling for they can control their accounts. While, refers to the price, I personally think buy and sell runescape accounts is lower and you can protect the rs accounts by changing the register email and password. No matter which one you like, hope you have a good time and journey in the game. Hope this article can give you some help. Good Luck!

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