Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Grand Exchange Central

Below is associate announcement from Absenm concerning the Grand Exchange Central re-opening. Yes, it's up and running once more, yay!

Set your calendars friends. Apr fifteen is that the official re-opening of The Grand Exchange Central. Before then we are going to be bits and items. however parts of the positioning are up. Even today.

We have spent a month finding everything rs accounts for sell we have a tendency to might to secure our website. Our security isn't simply observation our users back. we've taken the offensive. Fool ME once shame on ME. Fool ME double shame on you.

No. Sadly, you'll not see something new. Not yet. Six weeks of labor went into security. however at constant time, whereas redaction everything, we have a tendency to place in to position some terribly powerful infix routines. Once we all know you guests square measure safe, we are able to begin adding things at a surprising pace.
Our very little baby hacker has awoken a sleeping large. we have a tendency to at the GEC are larger, stronger, and far more rs accounts for sell cool than even we have a tendency to had unreal.

I in person, Absenm, apologize for taking ciao. it absolutely was needed to shield our guests. we are going to {never once more|nevermore} enable hackers to require United States of America down again. i'm not issuance a challenge. i'm creating an announcement of truth.

We square measure attending to be sensible. simply adding pages slowly. rs accounts for sell there'll be broken links. however in an exceedingly month you'll hardly notice we have a tendency to had been gone. By Apr fifteen it'll be business as was common. it's time for resurrection. and also the GEC are there once the dirt settles.

So please, RuneScape friends, check on United States of America.rs accounts for sell  you'll be glad you probably did. And on Apr fifteen you'll have your GEC finally back. Until then, please watch our progress. we are going to be to a small degree untidy, however we have a tendency to square measure back, and constructing the positioning {you always|you United States of Americaually|you mostly} needed us to be.

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